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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fleece Human Blankets

This blanket is 5 ft. tall of 2 & 1/2 yards of fleece pattern.

The person this was made for had favorite colors of orange, and yellow. This person also loves cats.

We got really lucky in finding a pattern that had cats, AND were orange cats. We used a nice light yellow for the back of the blanket.

A close up of the cat pattern.

To show you the nice soft yellow on the back.


ML said...

What a cute blanket. If it's for who I think it is, it is purrfect.

Hana said...

Neat! I just found this web site. Fleece blankets are the best, aren't they!? My Momma has made the same kinds. During the winter they are so nice to keep warm with.

Hana said...

Thanks for your note. My Mom knows all about joints aching and backs hurting. When she makes fleece blankets, she likes to finish it immediately, so she sits for hours on the floor until the blanket is done!